PMBOK 5th Edition: Checklist of Key changes

PMI –Project Management Institute USA has constantly over the years reviewed their PMBOK(Project Management Body of Knowledge) which is the reference book for the institute’s PMP Certification credentials.

This Post is to enlighten you on some of the key changes going forward.

Please Note: This post is in regards to the Project Management Institute’s exposure draft of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Fifth Edition. PMBOK Version 5 won’t be out till the 4th Quarter of 2012; and new restructured PMP exam test will start from approximately from June 2013.If you’re studying for the PMP currently from 2012-June 2013 stick with PMBOK version 4.

PMBOK 5th Edition Checklist of key changes:

1. Addition of a new knowledge area called ‘Stakeholder Management’ making 10 Knowledge areas.

2. PMBOK 5th Edition has 248 pages minus the glossary.

3. 47 Processes are now available

4. Definition of a Project Management Office (PMO) expanded to include three strata: Supportive, Controlling and Directive.

5. Different types of project life cycles expanded to include (waterfall, adaptive/agile).

To learn more check-out PMI’s more detailed information on the topic here PMBOK 5th Edition Changes




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