Recruit Certified and Experienced Professionals















Are you looking for personnel to recruit in the following professional areas?

1. Certified PMP/CAPM professionals
2. Certified SAP professionals
3. Certified Lean Six Sigma professionals
4. Certified ITIL professionals
5. Trained Corporate Event Managers
6. Trained Personal Assistants and Secretaries
7. Virtual Project Administrators

Recruit Certified and Experienced Professionals from Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd. as we have over the years developed a database of certified and experienced professionals in the areas listed above.

We provide this recruitment service to various organizations please reach us on with your requirements.

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I am a consultant, writer and speaker and is part of the wonderful team at Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria limited a Project Management and I.T Consulting Firm. I am a certified project manager (PMP). I have always worked in technology. I enjoy blogging,research, travel and meeting people from different cultures. The Vision is to create impact in our country Nigeria and the World through Best Practice Principles/knowledge for managing Projects successfully.Contact me directly at

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