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I am a consultant, writer and speaker and is part of the wonderful team at Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria limited a Project Management and I.T Consulting Firm. I am a certified project manager (PMP). I have always worked in technology. I enjoy blogging,research, travel and meeting people from different cultures. The Vision is to create impact in our country Nigeria and the World through Best Practice Principles/knowledge for managing Projects successfully.Contact me directly at oajunwa@ritetracconsult.com.ng

Free Webinar: Eliminating waste in Government for better delivery.

  If yes, join us for the FREE Webinar on July 14th, 2016 at 1.00pm - 2.00pm West African Time(W.A.T) With shrinking budgets and a slow economy,it becomes increasingly important for all Government agencies and Tiers such as Federal,State and Local Governments to become more effective & efficient. In this webinar, you are going to [...]

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Growing a business in a challenging economy using lean practices.

Webinar title: Growing a business in a challenging economy using lean practices. Webinar Description: At this point when the economies of many nations are dwindling,SMEs winding -up every other month,organizations sacking even their most resourceful workforce. Come and learn what successful organizations do to stay ahead of the tide,"LEAN PRINCIPLES" the biggest secret tool organizations [...]

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June 2016 Newsletter: Voice of the Customer,what you need to know

Voice of the Customer Voice of the Customer: What you need to know! Voice of the Customer(V.o.C) is a term used to describe the in-depth process of capturing customer's expectations, preferences and aversions. Why is this very important? In this competitive business world we need to find out what your customers are saying, you need [...]

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April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter What is the most important skill you need? If you want to be successful, you’ll need many specialized business skills, but probably the most important one will surprise you: it's the capacity to READ! Yes, READ! You must develop the capacity to read, and to read FAST, and by this I don't [...]

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