Get the Best Project Management Mentoring Program in Nigeria

What is PMP Mentoring Program?

I. A mentor collaborating around the mentee’s (person being mentored):
II. Career goals
III. Professional development goals
IV. PM “challenges” at work
V. Contributing to individual growth
VI. A networking opportunity


What are the Potential Benefits for the Mentee?

I. Faster career growth
II. Faster growth in PM profession
III. Success with immediate PM “challenges” Network with more experienced PMs



I. Confidentiality
II. Content / issues appropriate for dialogues
III. Topics suitable for projects
IV. Respectful frankness, not “brutal” honesty
V. Fill out and submit a monthly record (mentorship log) of your meetings/Client will receive monthly statement of hours used


Mentoring Activities:

I. Clarify career goals and paths
II. Review requirements, proficiencies, credentials
III. Discuss selected project issues and research
IV. Recommend Training, workshops, seminars and webinars etc


Key Dates – October 2017  Program

1.Application Intake: August 30th 2017
2.Application Due Date: September 15th 2017
3. Program Duration ( 4 weeks):October 2nd-29th 2017
4. Program Pattern: Career Audit followed by [4 ] One hour mentoring Sessions every week for Four weeks through Email, SMS, Webinar,Skype calls, Phone calls, Power point presentations, *Face-to-Face (where locations are close)etc.

Cost: 100,000Naira

Account Details:

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd.

Account No: 0023331797


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