10 very relevant things you can do at this time for your Business.

This advice is relevant for Entrepreneurs and SMEs especially during this Lockdown when movement is limited and business may have slowed down.

  1. Instagram – Move to a Business account,update your BIO,add a free gift to grow your List at this time,create strategic content and engage your audience. Create Facebook pages for your business it also helps with visibility.
  2. Google My Business – Create a free page so that all those relevant searchers in your locality and abroad can find you
  3. Search Engine Optimize your website -Research Key words relevant to your Business. Add these to your content and website pages in a natural way to increase online visibility
  4. Research new hashtags for your business captions and to also follow – Industry hashtags/Geographic hashtags etc
  5. Write blog headlines for you or your team to work on– Research blog topics that are engaging and your readers will hop on.
  6. Audit your Quarter 1– What are your numbers telling you? Financial no’s,Social Media No’s,Email List Growth,Client’s served etc Brainstorm your main focus for Quarter 2
  7. LinkedIn – Some of us don’t have Linkedin Company pages it’s a great time to make one. Note it helps with your search engine rankings
  8. Google your name – What do you find? Clean out profiles and accounts that are no longer relevant to who you are today
  9. Segment your market – create different client avatars for your different products and services. Call our your ideal customers in your Content.
  10. Have a redundant website or non at all? – Now is the time to make power moves that will cause a next level increase to your business post COVID. Do you need a quick review of areas to work on in your business? Schedule a Free Discovery chat for 15 minutes chat with this link
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