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Most Organizations have heard of ITIL one way or the other.

Here is  a summary list of what ITIL can do for your organization.

  • Improves communication and information flows between Information Technology (IT) and organization business departments.
  • Improves ability of IT to adjust as business opportunities and challenges are presented.
  • Improves relationship of IT with the business – builds trust.
  • Provides a framework for IT to support regulatory challenges.
  • Potential to positively affect an organizations profits and share prices
  • Improved interaction and functioning within the IT/IS department
  • Improved interaction and functioning with the Business and Customer community
  • Vocabulary and terms understood by all who have undertaken ITIL education irrespective of industry sector, country or continent which we provide at Ritetrac Consulting
  • A documented approach to handling Projects when combined with PMBOK Guide as part of the Professional Project Management Trainings Ritetrac Consulting Offers.
  • Global recognition as ITIL is a well known framework
  • Increased and improved effectiveness and efficiency of an organization
  • Recruited ITIL qualified personnel are potentially able to integrate into another ITIL organization so much easier
  • Specific roles can be recruited so much quicker and easily
  • Outsourcing companies can be audited against ITIL best practice
  • ISO /IEC 20000 provides the confidence for customers and purchasers of an organizations services, on both a country and global basis
  • Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery
  • Improved IT services through the use of proven best practice processes
  • Improved ROI of IT investments
  • Improved delivery of third party services
  • Provides a single, definable, repeatable, and scalable documented framework for IT best practices that flows across the IT organization.
  • Clearly identifies roles and responsibilities for IT Service Management.
  • Supports reducing IT costs and justifying the cost of IT quality.
  • Supports ability of IT to measure and improve internal performance and service provisioning.
  • Defines IT in terms of services rather than systems.
  • Supports improvement of user productivity.

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