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LiquidPlanner 3.0 ($29 per member per month) brings scheduling down to earth. Rather than asking users to enter soft dates, LiquidPlanner lets project managers schedule by priority.

Its Web interface allows participants to contribute from just about anywhere—though for now the company only suports iOS mobile devices—while its rich feature set, impressive online file storage, advanced reporting, and unlimited projects enables participants to keep close tabs on every facet of their workflow.

A desktop-level browser-based experience don’t come cheaply. LiquidPlanner costs $29 per month per member ($24 per month if you commit to a year). While guests can join for free (via portal), an office of 15 can expect to spend about $450 per month or about $4,300 if they commit to a year—a tall order compared to the competition.  Certainly, LiquidPlanner bests both when it comes to features, and the company does offer volume pricing for larger teams; however, for offices larger than a handful of people but too small for a volume license, scaling LiquidPlanner may be uneconomical.

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