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Digital Marketing Training in Nigeria

Course Description:

Traditional “outbound” marketing tactics that dominated the pre-digital/ internet world are now alarmingly ineffective.

We all have the power to filter out advertising and we’re not afraid to use it.

The customer is in control. The communications process begins if and when the customer wants. Without advertising. Without phone calls. Without you.

Instead of pushing out messages via paid media, to reach this customer, you

must put the power of content marketing, search, and social media to work.

The relationship with your brand begins there.

To make your business effective, you have to understand and embrace “Digital Marketing”.

The strategy is to pull people to your business, 2-4-7, 7days a week with our magnetic strategy which this course is all about!


Course Learning Objectives/Benefits:

  1. Digital Marketing Documentary in Nigeria,Introduction to Digital Marketing.

2.Steps to maintaining a Business Website that works- Kickstart your online presence,branding and optimization.

  1. Introduction to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) DIY -Hands-on Sessions -Create a sustainable strategy for generating leads and business online
  2. Email Marketing Tips: Best Platforms to use,Creating your list and Best Practices/Email Etiquette – Communicate easily with your database using segmentation and call to action.
  3. Social Media Accounts: How to optimize your profile and benefits of Key platforms -Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIN,Instagram,Pinterest and Google+ – Social selling strategies that work today.
  4. Master plan for Business Blogging -What is a business blog,How to set up a blog or vlog– WordPress, Blogger,Wix,Squarespace,Strikingly etc -Making use of your own domain, Anatomy of a blog post, Tactics to content curation,Setting up your monthly content plan,Engagement vs website click through and Steps to monetizing your blog. Case studies of some successful blogs.
  5. Low cost and high impact Content Marketing Strategies-Hands-on Sessions – Save on the cost of generating leads.
  6. Driving targeted traffic using content marketing and steps to nurturing your leads- Save on the cost of nurturing leads and turn them to paying clients in a short lifecycle
  7. Measuring your Marketing Efforts using Google Analytics.
  8. Tactics to creating successful advertisement that drive R.O.I on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and Linkedin. How to set your PPC goals, how to choose and use search keywords in the pay per click campaign, how to write search ads, how to employ suitable geographic targeting and making use of re-marketing.
  9. How to setup your Digital Marketing Agency or Consultancy in Nigeria in 30 days or less.
  10. Growth Hacking Techniques to 10X your Marketing Efforts

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