Project Management tips for new project team members

Project Management tips for new project team members. Since earning my PMP certification in 2020, following rigorous trainingfrom Ritetrac Consulting, I’ve had the opportunity to apply my knowledgein various aspects of my personal and professional life,...

Naira Redesign and Cashless Policy Issues in Nigeria

New Naira Notes Welcome to our conversation about the current issues with the cashless naira, you know, the implementation by the C .B. N Central Bank of Nigeria government in Nigeria. You know, so far it’s catastrophic, we’ve seen banks being vandalized,...

Pay attention to these 5 Tips for Career Growth in 2023

Pay attention to these Top 5 questions to help you win in 2023 1. Am i learning new skills to fill up gaps in my industry? This will keep you attractive to potential employees 2. Am i thinking like a personal brand? Yes you maybe in paid employment but think like a...
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