Naira Redesign and Cashless Policy Issues in Nigeria

New Naira Notes Welcome to our conversation about the current issues with the cashless naira, you know, the implementation by the C .B. N Central Bank of Nigeria government in Nigeria. You know, so far it’s catastrophic, we’ve seen banks being vandalized,...

Pay attention to these 5 Tips for Career Growth in 2023

Pay attention to these Top 5 questions to help you win in 2023 1. Am i learning new skills to fill up gaps in my industry? This will keep you attractive to potential employees 2. Am i thinking like a personal brand? Yes you maybe in paid employment but think like a...

How to PASS Monitoring and Evaluation JOB INTERVIEWS in 2022

Most organizations in the world are tending to a projectized approach of management which means that the market for Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) jobs for those projects is on the increase, and makes it a great career prospect for many individuals. The benefit...
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