Business Transformation Training Course

Course Overview

Do you feel that your organization is ignoring change? Do you want to transform your business from a routine one to get loaded with energy, more focused and dynamic? Business transformation refers to bringing about a fundamental change in business operations.

The change can be introduced to the processes, people, or technological systems in an organization to align the company as per the constantly changing external business environment. This ensures that the company remains competitive and sustainable in the long run.

This course on Business Transformation by Ritetrac Consulting will empower you to drive business productivity in the ever-changing environment. This will also help you address the challenges at any stage or module of your business strategy timely and thus ensure the success of your organization’s blueprint. 

This Business Transformation Training Course will empower you to:

  • Understand the need of transforming the organization
  • Identify the challenges the business will face in this journey of taking the next step
  • Identify new business opportunities which were earlier getting missed due to the old ways of working
  • Equip the management team with the methods, tools, and skills required to execute the best strategy in a constantly changing business environment
  • Understand changes in consumer behaviour and take the right and timely decisions

We at Ritetrac Consulting, employ adult learning techniques to ensure better comprehension and retention of the content shared. A highly interactive presentation will be loaded with group, and individual exercises, case studies, reflections, and decisions.

Participants would be able to take a stock of the current business scenario of their organizations vis-à-vis the new market trend. This will help them to evaluate, and plan transformation. You will also get an opportunity to share your plans with participants from other industries as well.

Ritetrac Consulting follows the approach of do-review-learn-apply methodology.

The benefits which the organizations will get are:

  • Meet the current business challenges for sustainability
  • Adapt their business as per the emerging thought process and changing the environment around them
  • Learn new tools and techniques to transition your business to the next level
  • Understand the new models of leadership and how can they impact behaviour
  • Increased ROI

The benefits which you will accrue on a personal level are:

  • Develop your ability to lead change in the business
  • Develop your ability to apply your strategic thinking skills to take the business to the next level
  • Plan transformation for sustainability and adaptability to the future business trend
  • Learn new things with a new perspective
  • More open to the new opportunities and trends
  • Understand how you can impact the results of your team as a leader
  • Increased awareness of self to taking business decisions
  • A conscious understanding of human needs, fears, and motivation

Ritetrac Consulting recommends this course for:

  • Entrepreneurs and senior management team who want to transform their businesses and move to the next level
  • Department head, managers whose job involves bringing about a change in the organization
  • Agents of change management in the organization
  • Champions of quality and testing, excellence and risk analysts who wish to learn new tools and techniques to support the transformation
  • Project managers, all departments like production, purchase, finance, operations, customer care, human resource professionals, and likewise who will be impacted by the transformation in business
  • Other professionals involved in research and development, innovation, business development, marketing, sales and likewise

This Business Transformation Training program will include the following modules for better comprehension and application:


  • Understand the difference between transformation & change
  • Types of transformation
  • Understand innovation and its relevance at the workplace
  • Business models and their impact
  • The requirements for transforming the business
  • The challenges of the successful transformation of an organization
  • Reasons for failure of the transformation projects
  • Change you want to see after implementation of this initiative



  • Understanding the Purpose & Vision of the organization
  • Role of leadership
  • The importance of right and relevant communication for business transformation to take place
  • Managing the stakeholders during the phase of transformation
  • Defining the Goals, objectives, and measurement criteria of a business transformation
  • Shaping the future of the business


  • Taking stock of the current position of your businesses
  • Conducting an environment analysis
  • Visualizing and Defining the end state
  • Planning to achieve the end state
  • List the changes you wish to see
  • Identifying and Building a team to guide the process of transformation


  • How to deal with resistance?
  • How to manage people through change?
  • How to manage the entire project for transformation?
  • Running a pilot first
  • Monitoring & control the challenges
  • Learning – Unlearn, Learn, and Re-learn


  • Understand balance sheets
  • Understand income statements
  • Understand cash flow statements
  • Understand the statements of shareholders’ equity
  • Take stock of the investment made for transformation
  • Diagnosis of the profit levels


Assess and Identify the impact of change on:

  • Brand
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Clients, Vendors
  • Teams
  • Stakeholders
  • Implementing the feedback received for growth

4 month 

April 25th – August 23rd 2024

September 2nd  – December 2nd 2024


N4,925,000  naira only

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