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What does a Human Resources Manager do? Human resources (HR) manager are the overseers of the HR division in an Organization. It is a HR manager’s responsibility to ensure the assignments and tasks are being carried out by the HR team. They are the link between management and employees, their work covers the spectrum from providing consultation and discussion on strategic planning with management.

HR managers are the professionals responsible for inviting, attracting, motivating, and retaining the most skilled and competent talent by supervising the organizational functions of the HR department. Considering the administrative nature of this position, human resource managers are called upon to handle employee-related services, regulatory compliance, and employee relations, among many other tasks.

This Ritetrac course on Certified Human Resources (HR) Manager has been developed to provide both newcomers to HR and existing employees with an in-depth and detailed introduction to the profession. In order to succeed and flourish in HR, it is first essential to master a wide variety of interconnected disciplines and specialist areas.

Human resource managers are responsible for ensuring complete administration, coordination, and evaluation of human resources strategies. Human resource managers are also responsible for the supervision of all employees in the HR department, which includes performance management. Human resource managers possess exceptional decision-making, premeditated thinking, leadership, interpersonal and ethical conduct skills.

By the end of the Certified Human Resources Manager, the participants of this course will be able to:

– Understand the significance of Human Resource in an organization

– Role and responsibilities of Human Resource Manager

– Benefits and importance of a Human Resource Manager

– Identify ways to maximize the value of employees and ensure all human resources are being utilized efficiently

– Making effective recommendations to the organization’s leadership based on analysis of worker productivity

– Facilitate and support employee’s health and safety

– Create a great work culture and a sense of belonging

– Develop a resilient and flexible workforce

– Hire, train, mentor, support, and retain top talent

– Motivate and inspire the workforce to display a high level of performance

– Align employee goals with organizational goals and ensuring the goals are achieved

Ritetrac Consulting believe that HR plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization, hence the Certified Human Resources Manager course is designed for new and experienced Human Resources professionals to sharpen their knowledge, skills, and expertise about the HR concepts.

Different participants from various industries join these sessions adding to the exposure and learning of participants. The discussions, role plays, case studies and activities enhance the overall experience.
Sessions are facilitated by industry veterans and are highly customized to suit the learning needs of participants.

At Ritetrac Consulting we follow the 70-20-10 Model of Learning. Our methodology ensures the knowledge is translated into successful implementation.

Organizational  Benefits of employees who participate in Certified Human Resources Manager will be as below:

  • Display and deliver better professional growth
  • The organization will have competitive remuneration in the industry
  • Develop an effective management system and experience
  • Organization will provide better job satisfaction to ensure high morale
  • Possess the expertise, knowledge, and skills to help lead the organization through critical issues
  • Devise effective recruitment and training program, reducing costs
  • Design a performance management strategy to measure the work efficiency and set success parameters
  • Create a sense of belonging and psychological safety
  • Have mechanism to improve employee turnover Harmony between different departments

Participants who enroll in this Certified Human Resources Manager Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Learn to motivate employees to have a vision and goal
  • Participants would be able to take risk and focus on achieving big objectives
  • Learn to rediscover self and employee passion
  • Participants would be able to take initiatives to empower HR
  • Display team spirit and positive attitude
  • Collaborate with employees and line manager to understand their needs
  • Learn to be tech-savvy and flexible
  • Become an effective communicator and negotiator
  • Learn to create an efficient mentorship scheme
  • Possess Strategic reasoning skills for conflict management, liaison in the moment of need

Professionals who want to enter and succeed in the HR space, Experienced HR Professionals, HR Managers, Consultants, Line Managers who manage people in the business arena

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the Certified Human Resources Manager Course:

Module 1: Basics of Human Resource Management 

  • What is Human Resource Management?
  • Roles and responsibilities of HR manager
  • Benefits and Importance in having an excellent HR manager
  • Difference between HR manager and operations manager

Module 2: Responsibilities of HR Manager

  • Developing HR strategies with line managers, considering immediate and long-term staff requirements
  • Recruiting staff and developing effective job descriptions and job advertisements
  • Short listing applicants for interview using a variety of selection techniques including psychometric tests for interviews
  • Explaining salary cycle and other concerns, including promotion and benefits; administer payroll
  • Policy formulation: legislation around various workplace-related issues
  • Attending to grievances and executing disciplinary procedures
  • Connecting with Line managers for any training needs, designing and delivering training
  • Providing constructive and timely performance evaluations
  • Conducting discipline and termination of employees in agreement with company policy

Module 3: Importance of HR Manager

  • Achieving the business goals by managing strategies
  • Significant corporate decision-making
  • Anticipating future business demands
  • Attracting quality candidates and retaining the existing workforce
  • Efficient negotiation and cost reduction
  • Designing training and development programs
  • Strengthening employer-employee relationship
  • Resolving issues and conflicts effectively in an unbiased approach
  • Creating a healthy work culture

Module 4: Functions of HR Manager / Functional Area of HR Manager

  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Training and Development for employees
  • Organization’s development
  • Keep the communication active between various team
  • Administer performance management
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Policy Suggestion ad approvals
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Team Building and Employee Relations
  • Leadership

Module 5: Goals of an HR Manager

  • Help the organization achieve its goals
  • Safeguarding successful operation and development of human resources
  • Identifying and addressing individual needs and concerns
  • Attaining and preserving high morale among employees
  • Enhancing employee competencies to execute the present job
  • Instills a sense of team spirit, teamwork, and inter-team collaboration

 Module 6: Understanding Organizations Culture

  • Observing the culture from an outsider’s perspective
  • Examine conflicts if any
  • Interact with employees
  • What does the interaction with employees lacked that you expected from them (Stories they don’t tell/ things they avoid talking)?
  • Walk around, conduct interviews with employees
  • Bulletin posted on boards or displayed on walls
  • The way common area is utilized
  • Written surveys taken by employees that provide information about the culture

Module 7: Aligning Values to Your Organization’s Success

  • Identify the current values at the workplace
  • Determine the authenticity of these values
  • Change the behaviors and activities of which the values are exhibited

Module 8: Skills Required for an HR Manager  

  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Business consciousness and commercial focus
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Ability to analyze, interpret and rationalize the legal framework regulating employment
  • Motivating and consulting skills
  • Integrity and accessibility

Module 9: HR Manager’s Daily Tasks

  • Synchronize and administer HR departments work in action
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to assess staffing and training needs
  • Design and supervise employee benefit programs
  • Reconcile disputes between employees and disciplinary procedures
  • Conduct and manage recruitment, interviews, selections, hiring, and training

Module 10: Sectors where HR Manager’s Serve 

  • Enterprise and management companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Technical, professional, scientific systems
  • Social aid and healthcare, etc

Module 11: FAQ’s, Roleplays, Case studies, Discussions, and Projects

  • Meet the industry experts and get answers to your questions
  • Role plays around various situations that HR managers face in day-to-day interactions and negotiations
  • Work on case studies to gain perspective on handling various challenging situations
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Take up projects on different topics and master your craft in niche areas

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