Exciting ways to unbox your Career from today

Today I had a chat with a client and after the Chat I noticed a lot of us may have the Challenge of Unboxing our Careers.

There is so much happening in the Knowledge Industry that you need to be aware of.
Some Jobs as will know it may not remain the name. New skill sets and Job roles are being defined every other month/year.

The A.I [Artificial Intelligence] era will soon catch up with lots of Jobs.Not to scare you today but to help you think in a futuristic way. I know you like the safety of your current job and salary. But investing solidly in your future in the surest way to remain relevant in an ever changing world.
I graduated 1998 and since then I can confidently say am a LIFE LONG LEARNER.

What extra value can you bring to the table when the table is shaking? Lol..

**Quick tips to Unbox your Career**
 1. Be willing to start over with something entirely new and build capacity to deliver. Its not too late.
2. Get some education even after graduation [Ritetrac Online Academy](http://bit.ly/ritetraconlineacademy)
3. Frame your existing experience appropriately. What transferable Skill do you have for that next Job role
4. Use non-traditional ways of finding a job. When a resume doesn’t look like the typical resume for the field, it’s easily pushed aside. Most people who are hiring have a clear idea of the experience they want for the role. Don’t rely on traditional job search techniques like online applications. Instead, use your network—your family members, friends, former colleagues, mentors, etc.— to help you find a position. You will have much better luck getting the interview if you have a cheerleader saying you are the perfect fit for the job. Personal recommendations go further than a resume any day. Also note that some Jobs are not advertised.
5. Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to demonstrate skills and abilities that aren’t necessarily seen in your regular work experience. It’s also a helpful way to see if you actually enjoy this new kind of work.
6. Spruce up your cover letter and LinkedIn summary – Don’t underestimate a great cover lead and a well defined LINKEDIN Profile. Do you want a LINKEDIN 1-1 Profile Audit? You can comment and indicate your interest. See mine www.linkedin.com/in/ojiugoajunwa
7. Give it time. A successful career transition takes time so don’t get impatient. If it’s a move you believe in, it’s worth it. You can always start slow, right where you are. See if there’s a way to hone new skills in your current position that would directly apply to your new career path. Even one small step in the right direction can make a big impact. Stay motivated and focused on the end goal. And most importantly, don’t give up.

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