Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course

Course Overview

Do you want to start your career as an Executive Assistant or a Personal Assistant (PA)? This program will empower you with all the skills and knowledge you will require to become a successful Personal Assistant or an Executive Assistant leading to a bright career.

The Personal Assistant’s role demands exceptional planning and organizing skills. They need to have the ability to solve problems with quick decision makings and be tactful and discreet in the process of doing so.

Personal Assistant duties include overall assistance to managers and senior executives, to handle and perform a vast verity of tasks, which ultimately contributes to the overall results of the management or the manager. Work productivity can be compromised if there is no support from a certified personal assistant. 

They are a pillar of support for the functions of senior managers and executives. Executive assistants, Personal Assistants, and Secretaries are very valuable and play a pivotal role in the organization’s management.

The present demands and requirements from higher management officers and executive leaders, executive assistants, and executive secretary emerge as crucial positions in today’s global corporate environment.

The Executive Assistant or a Personal Assistant assists the management to take responsibility for the top executive’s office tasks and manage them effectively. Are you already in an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, or a Personal Secretary Role but look forward to the next level performance with improvised work techniques?

From this training program on the Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course offered by Ritetrac Consulting, the participants will cultivate a professional attitude for elevating their work relationship with their manager and building effective connections with stakeholders involved with the management.

This course will enable participants with important insights to increase tolerance to stress and stay in control of time and deadlines. They will learn crucial skills in organizing professional meetings, writing effective agendas, and minutes of meetings in this program.

This course will engage you to rethink your value and significance as an executive assistant and acquire the competencies and confidence to achieve better results. Participants will learn the best practices and tools that will enable them to develop their emotional intelligence, business etiquette, and multitasking capabilities to develop as a next-generation Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, or a Personal Secretary.

By the close of the Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course, professionals of this course will be able to:

  • Aid directors and senior managers by performing pivotal roles
  • Discover proactive approaches, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Master the art of multi-tasking and organizing skills
  • Learn time management and principles of prioritizing
  • Represent your Manager in the Networking circle
  • Synchronize your work style with your manager’s work styles
  • The balance between independent decision makings and getting manager involved
  • Get situations under control with proven time and stress management strategies
  • Organize meetings, appointments, travel arrangements, and manage priority tasks
  • Apply professional communication and business-writing techniques
  • Boost your presentation and report writing skills
  • Understand the art of managing conflict
  • Comprehend the fundamentals of corporate and management behaviour
  • Learn the impact of technology used by next-generation executives and assistants
  • Understand the importance and techniques of protocol and diplomacy

Ritetrac Consulting has designed the Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course as a very practical program for professionals looking to start their career or up skill themselves for better positions. This workshop is very practical and based on the adult learning methodology of learning.

It is facilitated with effective theoretical lessons, interactive exercises, and powerful presentations. Participants are urged to involve role-plays and activities. Through active involvement, participants are trained to apply their Learning. Customized modules can be designed to meet training expectations.

Programs offered by Ritetrac Consulting follow the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model, with pre and post-course assessments to measure training success.

The organizational Benefits of employees who take up this Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course will be as follows:

  • There is a rapid increase in overall productivity and capabilities
  • The organization is better organized with improved file management and document control
  • Participants gain a broader understanding of the business as they deal with the management
  • They bring in greater confidence to executives to have more critical tasks delegated to them
  • Participants are more skilled in managing organizational projects as a project manager
  • A develop productivity is noticed through enhanced time management, prioritizing and delegation skills
  • They tend to gain respect from the senior management and the directors of the company
  • Participants learn modern concepts and strategies to carry out high-level responsibilities with excellence

Participants who enroll in this Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Individuals become an imperative deputy to their managers
  • Professional Personal assistant is always prepared for any challenges that come their way
  • They have an understanding of how to make the right decision in unusual circumstances
  • As professionals the comprehend different dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and use it to their advantage
  • There is an enhance recognition of their role at the workplace and in the society
  • Individuals tend to be more focused and goal-oriented
  • There is increased confidence and assertive skills are noticed
  • Participants learn the skills to influence and make an impact
  • They tend to have better delegation and negotiation skills
  • Individuals demonstrate professional skills in communication, coordination, and organizing

This Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course is great for both individuals who want to start their career in this role and also for people who have relevant experience in this position but want to refine and systemize their existing skills and knowledge to progress in their career. This is a great course for anyone responsible for supporting the management or senior officers/managers with their administrative work. They may include:

  • Executive Secretaries
  • Personal Secretaries
  • Executive Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Administration Managers
  • Management Secretaries
  • Office Managers
  • Senior Assistants

Below are the course components that would be covered during the Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant (PA) Training Certification Course:

Module 1: Role of a modern Personal Executive Assistant

  • The framework of a modern organizational  structure
  • Understanding today’s global business environment
  • Expanding and branding the value of a PA/EA
  • Understanding the managerial aspects
  • Competencies of a next-generation PA/EA

Module 2: Assistant and Manager Relationship

  • Forming Common Objectives and Priorities
  • Effective methods of communication with the Manager
  • Building and Maintaining the working relationship
  • Adapting to the manager’s work style and anticipating his needs
  • Partnering with the manager
  • Dependent and Independent decision-making processes
  • Being the managers representative

Module 3: Time Optimization, Task Management & Prioritization

  • Importance of time optimization
  • Importance of task management
  • Task Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Time management techniques
  • Prioritization and Multitasking
  • Urgent/important Matrix
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Managing conflicting priorities
  • Importance of SMART Objectives

Module 4: Business Etiquettes and Diplomacy

  • Protocol and business etiquette
  • Reflecting the brand
  • Customer Experience Skills
  • Remembering names and appointments
  • Noting schedules
  • Netiquette: Net Etiquette
  • Confidentiality and Compliance
  • Preserving Data securely
  • Business Correspondence

Module 5: Effective Interpersonal Communication 

  • Building inter-department and client relationships
  • Handling difficult personalities and scenarios
  • Improving self-confidence and assertive Skills
  • Presenting your opinions and influencing others
  • BATNA and negotiation techniques
  • Negotiating Win-Win Results
  • Perceptions, Attitudes, and Beliefs
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Active listening skills
  • Paying attention to detail

Module 6: Meetings Management

  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Planning and preparation for the Meeting
  • Preparing the Agenda
  • Techniques for writing the minutes
  • Improving the efficiency of meetings
  • Actions plan after meetings
  • Note-taking and transcription
  • Closing and follow-ups
  • Appointment Booking and Arranging Interviews
  • Travel Arrangements and Event Management

Module 7: Emotional intelligence (EI) and Stress Management

  • Emotional intelligence: Introduction
  • EI and human psychology
  • Dimensions of EI for Assistants
  • Developing EI tactics and skills
  • Stress: The Symptoms
  • Controlling Stress
  • Dealing with stress effectively
  • Emotions, Stress, and Productivity

Module 8: Visitors Management 

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Dealing with different kind of Visitors
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Different Techniques for Screening Visitors
  • Servicing Internal and External Customers
  • Handling Complaints Professionally

Module 9: Professional Business Communications

  • Business Report Writing
  • Elements for Business Writing
  • Document Proofreading
  • Writing Professional Emails and Etiquette
  • Business Correspondence
  • Presentation Skills and WHPI Method
  • Communications involving complaint handling
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Body Language and Building Rapport
  • Diary management and Calendar management

Module 10: Additional Responsibilities 

  • Handling managers personal requirements
  • Managing Interruptions
  • Administrative duties
  • Sourcing office supplies
  • Accounting and Stock Management
  • Simple Budgeting
  • Invoice and Petty Cash Management

5 days

December 4th -8th 2023

January  8th – 12th 2024

March 25th -29th 2024


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