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How to get Event Management Jobs in 2019

How to get Event Management Jobs in 2019

Ritetrac Consulting Ltd has developed a report on the best practices of the Event Management industry and presents a list of tips to get your event management company more visible and engaged with projects all year long.

Top 10 PMP question styles you need to know to pass on 1st try

Top 10 PMP question styles you need to know to pass on 1st try

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certifying examination has become one of the most prominent and important certifications in the world today. It is no surprise of course; most organizations carry out their operations in leaps of projects. It, therefore,...

A beginner’s guide to Monitoring and Evaluation Career

If you have perused the professional field, it is likely that you have seen the acronym ‘M&E’. They feature in job roles, project work and departments or units in organizations yet not many understand what the actual concept is all about.


Guest Blog Post by Fidelis Esemene PMP How to conduct effective construction project meetings can be a tall order because Construction projects could be very complex to manage due to the many different trades involved in the execution of such projects. Managing...

Exciting ways to unbox your Career!

Exciting ways to unbox your Career from today Today I had a chat with a client and after the Chat I noticed a lot of us may have the Challenge of Unboxing our Careers. There is so much happening in the Knowledge Industry that you need to be aware of. Some Jobs as will...

Why build Human Capacity?

Why build Human Capacity?

Why build Human Capacity ? Capacity building (or capacity development) is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do their jobs...


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