Pay attention to these Top 5 questions to help you win in 2023

1. Am i learning new skills to fill up gaps in my industry?
This will keep you attractive to potential employees

2. Am i thinking like a personal brand?
Yes you maybe in paid employment but think like a personal brand (i.e Messi,Okonjo Iweala,Basketmouth,…)

3. Am i isolated? Career growth is a contact sport 💡💡💡
Build a strong professional network.
Who do you know? Who knows you? Who is your mentor? Do you have a sponsor?

4. Stay current..
Getting industry new developments can keep you competitive.
Don’t be the last one to hear about current trends (if you are relocating…check in on your new location and their industry trends. Use Google alerts to help you)

Last but not the least

5. Be proactive.
Don’t wait for things to come to you a.k.a opportunities.
If you don’t get invitations to the table then build your own table.and chairs 😆😃
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