A 2018 Report of Afrobarometer, a Pan-African research network says that more than one in three Nigerians (35%) say they have considered emigration, including 11% who say they have given “a lot” of thought to the idea with a whopping 76% doing so for economic reasons. Many current residents in Nigeria also indicate their preference for International jobs as they are perceived to be more rewarding, economically and professionally.

Positioning your Career for International Jobs must be planned in and done systematically. Given the preceding, it is clear that there is stiff competition for the job positions that are available internationally and anyone who wishes to gain a placement in any of those positions must strive to have an edge over their competitors

  • Research: It is not enough to merely want a job outside Nigeria. You must need to find out specific information about the countries you are targeting; how easy it is for immigrants to find work and what portals jobs are usually posted on; what licensing examinations you may have to take etc. Some countries have a high rate of return in terms of wages and allowances but do not employ expatriates for particular roles. It is also important to research what type of Visa you need to work legally for as long as you wish in the country. Whatever you do, be sure to get as much information as you can about the jobs, country, and process of entry and working in the country.
  • Acquire Certifications: You have certain skills listed in your resume; so does a thousand other applicants. What sets you aside is that the skill you claim to possess has been assessed by a licensing body and you have proven that you indeed have the required capacity, thereby obtaining a certificate for that skill. This is why you need to obtain Certifications and degrees in your field of endeavors. You also have to ensure that your certifications are recognized in the country you intend to work in. As a Project Manager, you may consider getting a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate from PMI or Prince2 Certificate; If you are an Accountant, you should be considering the ACCA examinations; you could get a Lean Six Sigma certificate based on the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) if you are currently a Manager.
  • Gain Additional skills: Different countries have specific skills that are in hot demand. During your research, you might have come across the skills that are needed by those countries. For example, some of the most needed hard skills of 2019 include Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, People Management, UX Design, Mobile Application Development, Video Production, Sales Leadership, etc. You should then look through the list of most in-demand skills and determine which you are interested in, especially those you will be able to learn without much difficulty.
  • Volunteer: Volunteering, especially with international organizations with local offices in Nigeria can be richly rewarding. You get exposure to the processes and operations of international organizations, you also gain access to a wide network of individuals who may not even be in Nigeria and an opportunity to showcase your skills and ability. You get to learn from other people and learn diverse skills that may prove useful in the future so Volunteer for an organization or a cause you believe in to improve yourself and your chances and make sure that you adequately document your activity and impact for reference.
  • Writing/Publishing: One of the ways to get invited to another country on a professional basis is to publish in journals, papers, and forums that are frequently read by the residents of that country. If you are requested to present a paper before a group of interested audiences, you may then take the opportunity to build networks and seek out available positions that require your skillset.

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