Public Sector Procurement Specialist Course

Course Overview

What do you need to become a procurement specialist?

Public sector procurement is the process through which government agencies purchase goods, services, and development and building projects from local and foreign vendors. This is all done while adhering to the general principles of justice and equitability. It also includes transparency, competitiveness, and cost-effectiveness.

A public sector procurement specialist, on the other hand, oversees the general procurement process of the public sector. Being a public procurement specialist requires some background knowledge in Law and Business administration or its equivalent. Most public sector procurement specialists’ ultimate goal is to discover high-quality items or services at an affordable price. This price should meet the government’s requirements. The government’s spending efficiency and overall financial performance are affected by the extent to which this can be done successfully and reasonably. 

This Ritetrac training course offers in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a procurement specialist in the public sector. You will have the knowledge and tools required to up skill yourself as a procurement specialist at the end of the course. As a result, more options for job advancement are available.

This course seeks to empower professionals in the public procurement sector to:

  • Understand procurement principles and objectives, standards of conduct, and ethical procurement methods in the public sector
  • Thoroughly understand the procurement and contract management cycle
  • Review available procurement methods, tools and strategies
  • Be aware of the various risks surrounding the general procurement process in the public sector
  • Adopt best practices in procurement of goods and services in the public sector
  • Describe the key steps involved in the management of a procurement process
  • Understand the impact of risks in the procurement process and how to mitigate their effects
  • Understand instances necessary to make a build or buy decision during the procurement process
  • Oversee necessary negotiations involved in the procurement process in the public sector.

Training courses are available from Ritetrac Consulting on a variety of topics. Professionals with relevant experience give training in the appropriate domain. A portion of the training is offered in a classroom, while the remainder is delivered through practical activities. Trainees are handed projects and tasks in groups, encouraging interaction between them and the trainer. Role-plays are utilized in our training sessions, wherever pertinent.

This training design is calibrated by Ritetrac Consulting across all courses. It is based on our Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

With professionals undergoing this course, organizations will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Seamless procurement processes managed by trained, experienced professionals
  • Application of various advanced procurement techniques to help with an effective and efficient procurement process
  • A methodical approach to recognizing, supervising and mitigating risks involved in procurement
  • Regular training of other employees on excelling in negotiations as a procurement specialist
  • Detailed management review of possibly make or buy decisions in possible instances
  • Seamless evaluation of sourcing processes, contracts bidding processes and assets turnover
  • Advanced tools and techniques are being used to improve the quality of procurement processes carried out by specialists

Professionals who opt for this course will benefit in the below-mentioned ways:

  • Complete understanding and detailed information about public procurement
  • Greater understanding and knowledge to review existing standards for procuring materials and resources needed while making necessary changes
  • Improved exposure and confidence to Recognize the need for the value of money in all procurement activities minimizing cost at every necessary condition
  • Enhanced Innovative thinking at each phase of the procurement lifecycle
  • Increased confidence and knowledge in training other professionals on key ideas in procurement in public sector
  • Contributing to the public’s overall procurement process with advanced techniques such as strategic sourcing and forecasting
  • Comprehensive understanding of the organization and applied perspectives involved in procurement
  • Greater potential to manage public costs by effective operations in procurement processes
  • Officers in the Central, Federal, and State-Owned Governments who deal with procurement
  • Employees in the public sector who work with procurement 
  • Non-procurement experts managing procurement activities
  • Procurement specialists looking to update their domain knowledge
  • Managers and Engineers who assist procurement specialists in Operations

Anyone interested in learning more about public procurement

The course covers the following topics regarding being a public sector procurement specialist:

Module 1: Introduction to the Basics of Procurement

  • Fundamentals of Procurement
  • Build or Buy Analysis
  • Build or Buy Decisions
  • Purchasing and Types of Items.
  • Classification of Items
  • Operations Management Strategies
  • Issues in Operations Management strategy

Module 2: Introduction to Public Procurement

  • Overview of Public Procurement
  • Introduction to the Procurement Lifecycle
  • Principles Behind Public Sector Procurement
  • Available Procurement Procedures and When To Use Them
  • Advertising Opportunities To Prospective Suppliers
  • Impact of Risk In Public Procurement
  • Mitigating The Risks Involved In Public Procurement

Module 3: Procurement Management

  • Work Breakdown and Resource Calendar
  • Procurement Activities and Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Contract Terms and Document
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Basics of Dispute Resolution
  • Risk Management

Module 4: Strategic Sourcing

  • Concept of Strategic Sourcing.
  • Strategic Sourcing Opportunities.
  • Advantages Of Strategic Sourcing
  • Challenges Faced With Strategic Sourcing
  • Establishing Internal Systems to Aid Strategic Sourcing
  • Various Phases of The Strategic Sourcing Process.
  • Mitigating Risk When Sourcing

Module 5: Public Procurement Operations

  • Planning For Procurement
  • Bid Documents And Bid Opening
  • Evaluation of Bids
  • Different Bidding Strategies
  • Management of Public Procurement Operations
  • Management Concept and Techniques

Module 6: Public Procurement and Good Governance

  • Governance Issues in Public Procurement
  • Regulations Guiding Procurement in the Public Sector
  • How to Avoid Liabilities During Procurement in the Public Sector
  • Prevention of Corruption.
  • Defining A Product For The Oil And Gas Industry
  • Design For Service In The Oil And Gas Industry

Module 7: Public Procurement Planning Tools and Techniques

  • Forecasting for Purchasing And Procurement Purposes
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Counting Safety Stock for Purchasing Materials And Components
  • Segmenting Suppliers For Cost Maximization
  • Different Types of Contracts

Module 8: Negotiations for Public Procurement

  • Introduction to Negotiation
  • Overview of Negotiation Process
  • Concept Of Interests And Positions
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Positive Reasoning
  • Bargaining
  • Three Negotiation Approaches
  • Price Negotiations In Public Procurement

Module 9: Risk Management 

  • Nature of Risks In Public Procurement
  • Types of Procurement Risks
  • Risk Assessment for Public Procurement
  • Risks Involved in Outsourcing
  • Case Study

Module 10: Procurement Strategy Development

  • Principles of Procurement Strategy Development
  • Procurement Profiling and Spending Analysis
  • Supply Positioning and Supply Risk Analysis
  • Developing Public Procurement Objectives
  • Procurement Scheduling and Planning
  • Analysis of the Market for Demand and Supply

5 days

April 24th,25th,26th27th and 28th 2023

May 22nd,23rd,24th,25th and 26th 2023

June 26th,27th,28th,29th and 30th 2023

July 24th,25th,26th,27th and 28th 2023



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