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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on the PMP/CAPM Certifications and ITIL Certifications


Q: Project Management: what is it about?

A.Project Management is a management concept/principle applied to manage change, increase organisational efficiency, improve productivity, and increased returns on investment using standardised techniques, methods, tools and processes.

Q: How relevant is project management?

A.Relevant in all fields of endeavour. Infact the western world-multinational corporations, blue-chip companies, government agencies and private companies drive their processes using project management processes and techniques.

Q: Is project management of any significant value in Nigeria?

A.YES. Most Nigerian companies now require that their personnel acquire project management skills. Those with these skills are highly priced and attract comparable to their international counterparts.

Q. How is it relevant to me? Am not an engineer or a technical person?

A.Project management is not limited to any particular discipline, it is applied across industries.

Q. Is it acceptable internationally?

A.Yes. Competence in project management is a sought after skill internationally.Infact the PMI predicts a shortage of skilled project managers in the nearest future

Q. Any certifications needed?

A.Yes. The discipline of Project management has various certifications/credentials as regulated by The Project Management Institute, PMI, Pennsylvania, USA. You can visit http://www.pmi.org

Q. Who is PMI?

A. PMI, Project Management Institute is the umbrella body that regulates project management practise globally based in the USA. You can visit http://www.pmi.org/About Us for details.

Q. What are the credentials/certifications about?

A.The credentials/certifications are a confirmation of the quality of the project management knowledge, skill and professional experience acquired by practitioners. Each credential addresses different levels of experience.

Q. What is the value of a credential?

A.It’s a global recognition of your knowledge, skills and abilities and enables the holder attracts greater earnings because of their certification status.

Creates career and job opportunities in all parts of the globe.

Q. What are the certification & credentials in project management?

A.Visit http://www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/AboutPMIsCredentials.aspx for details.

Q.What are the requirements for each credential?

A.Visit http://www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/AboutPMIsCredentials.aspx for details.

Q.Do I need to be a PMI member to be certified?

A.No. You do not need to be a member of PMI to obtain a PMI credential. Membership only enables members enjoy various benefits and discounts on payments.

Q.Where can I get the training to be certified?

A. Training can be acquired from project management training organisations such as Ritetrac Consulting and others.

Q.Who is Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Liimited?

A. You can visit Ritetrac Consult’s about us page for details.

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