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Ojiugo Ajunwa

Co-Founder Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd.


 Keynote Topic: EVOLVE

In a short span of time,business as we know it has evolved.

For MSMEs [Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises] to survive this onslaught. Your business just has to EVOLVE.

We will do a dive into how to use creativity,innovation and simple digital transformations to reposition your business in the new normal.

Opening Keynote Presentation – Evolve: Thursday December 3rd 2020@ 11:00am W.A.T

Closing Remarks: Saturday December 5th @ 6:00pm W.A.T

Liz Taylor

 Principal Consultant at Eva Wright Nigeria


Topic: Bounce Back in 2021

You know how we all started 2020 with enthusiasm to achieve so much, but then Covid19 became a global pandemic and knocked most of us off our flow?

Using my proven 5 step plan, I teach people who are serious about staying on track with their goals and boosting up their productivity both in their personal life/business how to take back the reins of their lives and make 2021 as productive as they envisioned without jettisoning their goals.

Presentation – Bounce Back in 2021 : Thursday December 3rd 2020@ 2:00pm W.A.T

Obehi Alofoje



Topic: Productivity Blocks – The Red Flags That Stop You From Getting Things Done!

Presentation – Productivity Blocks : Thursday December 3rd 2020@ 5:00pm W.A.T

Abayomi Adewumi

 Founder/Director at Global Leadership Institute Nigeria


Topic: Recovery For SMEs: accessing funding for growth

This year has been iconic and unique especially for Nigerians living in Nigeria.

COVID-19 came and disrupted all grand plans for 2020 with economic shutdown and border closure

The looting by hoodlums hit some businesses again while trying to recover from the effect of COVID-19

Inflation is at record high, interest on savings and Government bonds are at record low

Purchasing power of consumers is negatively impacted and poverty is rising

Where does all this leave you as an SME?

How do you remain afloat?

How do you rebuild your business and plan to grow in 2021?

Join me on this session where I will be highlighting how to position your business to access funding

Presentation – Recovery For SMEs: accessing funding for growth: Thursday December 3rd 2020@ 8:00pm W.A.T

Amaka Ezeala

 Founding partner of My Lawyer Sabi LP,Nigeria


Topic: How to protect intellectual property in your business

Learn all about business Intellectual Property- Trademarks,Patents and Copyrights

Presentation – How to protect intellectual property in your business: Friday December 4th 2020@ 10:00am W.A.T

Jay Stone

 Founder Stone Changes UK


Topic: Managing changing times for Business Owners

A fundamental reason that businesses undergo change is to survive and thrive; hence managing change becomes a priority for all founders and entrepreneurs. Key to survival is adaptability, and the ability to effectively and efficiently change business models, business processes, or technologies in response to threats and opportunities in a rapidly evolving environment.

But change can often elicit a huge amount of fear that can prevent us from stepping into the unknown and is among the top life-stressors. We have to be proactive about building a mindset to thrive amidst uncertainty and manage change effectively to prevent stress impacting progress. In this session, we explore positive ways to lead ourselves through change and uncertainty. By understanding the psychology behind change we can apply simple techniques as entrepreneurs to gain clarity amidst uncertainty, apply calm practices to make better decisions in a crisis, and step into this new unknown with courage.

Presentation – How to protect intellectual property in your business: Friday December 4th 2020@ 1:00pm W.A.T

Noreen Makosewe

Founder & Chief Strategy Advisor at The Radical Leap Company UK


Topic: Craft a value proposition that connects, convinces and converts

One of the most common questions I get asked as Strategy Advisor is, “I know the value of my work. But HOW do I share what I have to offer with my target audience and convince them to pay?”


The inability to clearly communicate a compelling value proposition that connects, convinces and converts prospects to clients keeps many entrepreneurs and businesses stuck in a rut.


This is going to be an excerpt from a private workshop we host for SMEs to show them and their teams how to share the value of what they do with their target audience to convert prospects to long-term clients.


Presentation – Craft a value proposition that connects, convinces and converts: Friday December 4th 2020@ 3:00pm W.A.T

Oke Chinye

Work Psychologist
Founder Oke Speaks Nigeria


Topic: Thriving in the midst of Chaos

We are no doubt facing very challenging and chaotic times. The crippling effects of the covid-19 outbreak, the lockdown and then the recent #endsars protests have no doubt taken its toll on us all. To EVOLVE, you would need to keep thriving. But how do we ensure that we are thriving in our businesses and personal lives in the midst of so much chaos?

Building ‘resilience’ is the key to thriving in times like this. “Resilience’ is a person’s ability to adapt positively to adversity, challenges and setbacks, recover from them and emerge stronger. ‘Resilience’ is the differentiating factor between those who adapt and learn from adversity and those who end up as victims of circumstances. Thankfully, ‘resilience’ is not a fixed characteristic. It is a capacity that can be developed. In my session, I will be unpacking the concept of ‘resilience’ and letting you know how you can develop this much needed capacity.


Presentation – Thriving in the midst of Chaos: Friday December 4th 2020@ 5:00pm W.A.T

Ifeanyi Julian Etuokwu Oludumila

Founder Grow your Business Nigeria


Topic: How to identify right and paying customers


Presentation – How to identify right and paying customers: Friday December 4th 2020@ 8:00pm W.A.T


Eguono Agofure Orukele

Head of E-Banking/E-Business in a leading Nigerian Microfinance Bank Nigeria


Topic: Thriving on Social Media: The Core Elements

Your business is a gift to the world. Join in to learn how to take your business from barely surviving on Social Media to actually thriving and making a difference in the world.

Presentation – Thriving on Social Media: The Core Elements: Saturday December 5th 2020@ 10:00am W.A.T

Marian Ogundairo

 Business Transition Strategist UK


Topic: Your business will not survive without these key fundamentals

For any type of business; service, product based, online or brick and mortar, there are some key essentials that are foundational in order for it to not just survive but also thrive sustainably


Presentation – Your business will not survive without these key fundamentals : Saturday December 5th 2020@ 1:00pm W.A.T

Phemmy Poko

Founder Sapion Digital Nigeria


Topic: Business Design and Strategy

Business Design is a human-centered approach to innovation. It applies the principles and practices of design to help organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage.

At its core, Business Design is the integration of branding, customer empathy, experience design and business strategy.


Presentation – Business Design and Strategy: Saturday December 5th 2020@ 3:00pm W.A.T

Patrick Ajunwa

Founder Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd.


Topic: Sustaining Business Continuity despite turbulent times

Businesses all over the world are faced with serious challenges due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. So many are struggling to keep running their businesses with dwindling revenue caused by the pandemic, while others have completely shut theirs.

This Mini workshop will x-ray proven ways of sustaining your businesses at all times irrespective of your size (MSME).

Presentation – Sustaining Business Continuity despite turbulent times: Saturday December 5th 2020@ 5:00pm W.A.T

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