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Have you been wondering how Online Business Structures are built?

In this 3rd Edition of the Highly acclaimed SMEVCON [Small Medium Enterprise Virtual Summit] we have the right mix of practical transforming conversations to help you structure and transform your business from 13 Highly Experienced Global Experts from December 2nd,3rd and 4th 2021!

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Ojiugo Ajunwa

Co-Founder Ritetrac Consulting, Nigeria

Event Host – SMEVCON


Topic: Growing your Online Business using Online Events and Projects.

Her goal is to create Leverage for increased efficiencies with her services as a Management Consultant.

She is a qualified, highly experienced professional Project Manager, trainer, speaker, coach, and author. A management consultant with over 21 years of experience in Project Management consulting, Facilitating, Training, Event management, speaking etc in various industries.

In this session we will go behind the scenes of using proven frameworks to drive your Business for Online Visibility and growth using Online Events and Projects.

Opening Speech –December 2nd 2021@ 1:30pm W.A.T

Session – December 4th 2021 @ 2.00pm W.A.T

Closing Remarks: Saturday December 4th  2021 @ 6:00pm W.A.T

Bayode [Bay] Simpson

Founder Entrepreneurs Nook, Canada

Topic: How to build your business the SMART way

What a second source of income is
Why it is important
How to create a second source of income

Presentation – How to build your business the SMART way : Saturday December 4th 2021@ 5:00pm W.A.T

Dr Rakesh Chopra

 Institute of Corporate Management, India


Topic: 5 Secrets to Multiply Profits

The business strategy that will make you a $50,000 profit is
not the same as the one that will make you $500,000, just as
the one that makes $100,000 won’t make $1 million. Your
current profits represent your current worth. If you want to
add a zero to your profits, you’ll need to upgrade both your
strategies and the performance of you and your team.
Implementing a strategy of exponential growth in your
business, has two broad steps:
1. Achieving your current targets in less time and effort.
2. Taking off into exponential growth.

3 key elements he will be discussing:
1. How to make profits without investing money
2. How to generate client loyalty
3. The strategy to multiply profits

Presentation – 5 Secrets to Multiply Profits : Thursday December 2nd 2021@ 6:00pm W.A.T

Farai Mutiwanyuka

CEO Sprouting Tree Group,South Africa

Presentation – Business Transformation: Technovations for a Digital Brand Strategy

Making the switch to digital branding requires you to rethink
and redo a lot of your current processes.
“Digital transformation” (DX) is a term that’s constantly
heard in today’s conference rooms and keynote
presentations, yet its meaning is fairly ambiguous. DX is
more than just technology – it’s about reinventing the
consumer journey. Every digital interaction with customers
– no matter where it is or who’s responsible for it – has to
align perfectly with your mission and values.
This doesn’t just happen overnight, though. Creating a digital
brand takes careful planning. Without it, all the work you put
in to develop your brand in the physical world, can be
completely undone when you move to the digital one.

The idea of digitalisation is not just to replicate an existing
service into a digital form, but to use technology to
transform that service into something significantly better.
For businesses and brands to become bigger, better, faster
#innovation #evolution

Sure, we know that digital transformation has something to
do with improving digital systems, but what does that mean
for modern brands? So, my presentation will seek to
address the following, but not limited to:
1. As an entrepreneur, how do/will you maintain brand
consistency as you undergo a digital transformation?
2. How will you optimising the customer journey?
3. What tools do you/will you need to make a successful
digital transformation journey?

Ultimately to help entrepreneurs and the conference
audiences who are struggling with developing online/digital
brand strategies, by offering simple and efficient ways to
digitally transform their brands.

Presentation – Business Transformation: Technovations for a Digital Brand Strategy: Friday December 3rd 2021@ 4:00pm W.A.T


Caroline Wabara

 Founder: WAB Digital,Nigeria


Topic: How I Turn WordPress Sites Into Marketing and Sales
Automation System and Reduce Long-Term Sales Cycle.

How to automate sales & marketing alignment to 2x inbound conversion.

Why 75% of high intent leads never make it to sales pipeline
How to cut out 80%+ of the back and forth with prospects
How companies like Healthtracka are automating marketing
to sales alignment and doubling inbound conversion.

3 Key Elements she will be discussing
Why 75% of high intent leads never make it to sales pipeline
How to cut out 80%+ of the back and forth with prospects
How companies like Healthtracka are automating marketing to sales alignment and doubling inbound conversion.

Presentation – How I Turn WordPress Sites Into Marketing and Sales
Automation System and Reduce Long-Term Sales Cycle:
Friday December 3rd 2021@ 3.00pm W.A.T

Babatunde Ogunnowo

 Founder Absolute Hearts Media,Nigeria

Topic: Digital Branding

Positioning your business better to build the right
perception, attract leads/sales.

3 Key elements of his topic focus
1. What Digital Branding is about
3. Building the right perception online
3. Using storytelling to drive emotions


Presentation – Digital Branding: Thursday December 2nd 2021@ 2.00pm W.A.T


Eli Natoli

Founder :  Eli Natoli ,USA


Topic: How to pre-sell your online course idea in less than 2 weeks!

Don’t waste another second creating an online course until
you attend this event. Let me show you how to:
1. validate your course idea,
2. develop a profitable training program

3. get enrollments -without spending months scripting,recording and editing!

My course idea made me $20,000 in 90 days without tapping
into my existing audience or a fancy website. I’ll show you
step by step how to do this from scratch.
3 Key elements of her session:
1. Quickly validate whether your course idea is a GOOD one –
– and one that people will pay for.
2. Find out whether your course idea will actually help your
ideal prospect solve their problems and get the promised
3. Best of all, get PAID while you do all that research!


Presentation – How to pre-sell your online course idea in less than 2 weeks! : Thursday December 2nd 2021@5:00pm W.A.T

Uloaku [Ula] Ojiaku

Founder: Mezahab Group,United Kingdom


Topic: Are You Measuring What Matters?

 Imagine a football match without goal posts on either side
of the field. How do the players and audience keep score of how well the match is going and which team is winning? The same analogy applies to business [be it online or brick and mortar] and I dare say, life in general.

In my session,we’ll explore the concept of meaningful metrics and measures and howto use these to close the feedback loop to ensure agility and success in business.

4 Key elements of my presentation

– Vision




Presentation – Are You Measuring What Matters?: Friday December 4th 2021@ 4:00pm W.A.T

Ifeanyi Julian Etuokwu Oludumila

Founder Grow your Business, Nigeria


Topic: How to build a simple and profitable marketing system

Business owners will learn what marketing is and what it is not, the different types of
marketing and the important elements required to build a
profitable marketing system.

 3 key elements of her session

-Definition of Marketing
-Types of marketing
-Components of a profitable marketing system

Presentation – How to build a simple and profitable marketing system: Thursday December 2nd  2021@ 4:00pm W.A.T


Eziamaka Odunze

 Eziamaka Odunze,USA

Topic: Content Creation for Personal and business branding – One
of the most effective ways to get a steady stream of buying
customers for your online business.

A well planned Content Strategy is one of the most powerful
ways you can use to grow your Client base on Social Media.
It will include elements of Personal Branding, Graphic
Creation and Content Marketing to make it an effective and
powerful tool.
So, In this presentation I will be training small business
owners, Digital Content Creators and Network Marketers on
how they can create a Social Media ‘Content Strategy’ for
their niche.
During the training I will be teaching them on how to –
1. Set Goals for their Content
2. Plan, find and create the right content for their niche using
Graphics made with Canva
3. Create a Content Calendar to encourage them to post
4. Create a Marketing strategy that will distribute the
content to their ideal target market.
5. Use the Graphic Editor Canva on a basic level.
By the end of the presentation they will have a fair
understanding of how to use a Content Marketing Strategy
to market their goods and services online.

3 key elements she will discuss
1. How to Create a Content Strategy
2. How to Identify your Ideal Client
3. How to use Canva to Create great Graphics for your

Presentation – Content Creation for Personal and business branding – One
of the most effective ways to get a steady stream of buying
customers for your online business:
Friday December 3rd 2021@ 6:00pm W.A.T

Efua Elens-Edeh

 Founder – Social Impact Consulting,Nigeria

Topic: NGO Fundraising for Social Impact

 This session will enlighten the audience about how to
position their nonprofit to become an organization that is attractive to donors. They will also understand how anon-profit runs and develop their institution based on their lived experience and select the right people to align with the vision and mission.

Her 3 key focus areas will be on

-Building the right institution to maximize social impact.

-Understanding the types of funding available for sustainability

-Framing and communicating the founder’s lived experience as it relates to the organization.

Presentation – NGO Fundraising for Social Impact : Saturday December 4th 2021@ 3:00pm W.A.T

Samuel Alabi

Founder SA MEDIA,Nigeria


Topic: Healthcare Marketing in 2022: Strategies & Tips to Grow Practices

 Healthcare patients or customers have more options than
ever before. With so much information available online, the
need to visit the closest hospital, a medical practice closest
to their location, or even healthcare practices with multiple
locations in the community is gradually been taken over by
internet surfing.
That is why it is critical to developing an effective
healthcare marketing strategy to reach and educate new and
existing patients or clients.
Even if you’re happy with your current customer volumes,
you are not guaranteed to keep those volumes forever
without a planned marketing strategy to keep your
healthcare brand at the forefront of people’s minds.
The importance of marketing in the healthcare industry is to develop and execute marketing strategies geared toward engaging and educating patients on their healthcare journey through SEO, digital advertising, website, content marketing,
and more.

3 Key Elements he will focus on
-Why is Healthcare Marketing important?
-Creating a Healthcare Marketing Strategy
-Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Reach Patients and

Presentation – Healthcare Marketing in 2022: Strategies & Tips to Grow Practices: Thursday December 2nd 2021@ 3:00pm W.A.T

TeeCee Okore

Founder Teecee Business Solutions,Nigeria


Topic: Leveraging Business systems automation and documented
processes to increase profits.

 This session will be touching on creative strategies to
leverage on business systems automation and documented
business processes (I.e SOPs) to attract/retain profitable customers and increase profits.

She will focus on 3 main areas

1. Business Systems SetUp, Optimization & Automation
2. Business process documentation I.e SOP’s
3. Strategies to leverage these two elements attract/retain
profitable customers and increase profits.


Presentation – Leveraging Business systems automation and documented
processes to increase profits:
Friday December 3rd 2021@ 2:00pm W.A.T

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