May 2018 Training Programs

Our Training Events

May 2018 Training Programs

1. Project Management Professional Training [P.M.P] – May 12th,13th,19th and 20th 2018| May 29th,30th,31st,1st June 2018

2. Monitoring and Evaluation for Projects Training Workshop – May 15th,16th,17th and 18th 2018

3. PRINCE2 [Projects in Controlled Environments]Foundation Training – May 26th,27th and 28th 2018

4. Oracle Primavera Training Workshop – May 22nd,23rd and 24th 2018 |July 8th,9th and 15th 2018

5. Event Management Training Workshop – May 29th,30th and 31st 2018

6. Lean Six Sigma [Yellow,Green and Black Belt Certification Training] – May 21st,22nd,23rd,24th and 25th 2018

7. Digital Marketing Training Workshop -May 8th,9th and 10th 2018

8. Human Resource Management Training – May 9th,10th and 11th 2018

9. Supply Chain Management Training – May 9th,10th and 11th 2018

10. Group Coaching Program for Business Owners [May 1st – June 30th 2018]

Enjoy up to 10% OFF on payments made at least 2-3 weeks before a Proposed Training Date.Negotiated Discounts for a Group of 3 and above.

May 2018 Training Programs

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2018 Project Management Professional Certification Exam details in Nigeria

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2018 PMP Certification Exam in Nigeria

Project Management Institute (PMI) USA has published the schedule for the Paper Based Test in Nigeria 2018.

 The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. With wide acceptability and recognition, the PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects.

*Exam applications must be received, reviewed, approved, and payment submitted by deadline date listed below for each event.

Batch 1:

Location: Abuja

Exam Test Date: 5/12/2018

Group Testing No: 0976051218

Exam Application Deadline: 4/7/2018


Batch 2:

Location: Abuja

Exam Test Date: 8/11/2018

Group Testing No: 0976081118

Exam Application Deadline: 7/7/2018


Batch 3:

Location: Abuja

Exam Test Date: 11/24/2018

Group Testing No:0976112418

Exam Application Deadline: 10/20/2018

In Lagos the exams are Computer Based Test [C.B.T] at Dragnet Prometric Test Center, 2nd floor NCWS House on Ahmed Onibudo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

However, testing can only be done twice a day (8.30am and 1.00p.m), three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays).

All PMI credentials tests can now be taken at the center with alternative option for the Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM®), to be conducted directly on your computer from the comfort of your home (On-demand Web-based)

Its not early to start getting ready for your PMP Exams in 2018.

Book your space ahead of time and plan to get trained if you haven’t here

Note that the PMBOK 6th Edition changes March 26th 2018

As a result of the release of the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition in September 2017, the PMP certification exam will change March 26th 2018 to conform with these updates. These updates will ensure the exam content is consistent with the PMBOK® Guide.
Active practitioners from around the world author our exam questions as well as the PMBOK® Guide to ensure the PMP remains relevant and reflects current practice.

If you’re utilizing the PMBOK Guide® as a study tool for the PMP, you can expect to find the following updates in the PMBOK Guide® – Sixth Edition:

A new chapter on the role of the project manager has been added to focus on leading projects effectively – competencies, experience and skills that are all necessary.

Two Knowledge Areas have been re-named to more accurately reflect which elements can be managed… and which cannot:
Time Management is now Schedule Management
Human Resource Management is now Resource Management

Every Knowledge Area features four new sections:
Key Concepts
Trends and Emerging Practices
Tailoring Considerations
Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments

PMP are still in popular demand and one of the top ten highest paying certifications globally! Learn more PMP Salary Survey

Resources to help you

Here are 5 Proven Strategies to pass your PMP Examination

Here are Easy Steps to become PMP Certified 

30-60 Days PMP Study Planner

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We recommend the Headfirst PMP

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Project Management Mentoring

Project Management Mentoring

Our Training Events

Hello CEO’s, does your staff members require Project Management Mentoring?

Do you know Project Management skills has been proven to deliver business results across various industries.



Send in your ‘Nominees’ for a 4 -months duration mentoring sessions with our seasoned certified Project Management Professionals,ask for more details by emailing or visiting our website

Entries close by January 30th 2013.

Mentoring sessions begins February 1st 2013.

Be Project Management Savvy!

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Five steps to re-purpose your career

Our Training Events

Five steps to Re-purpose your career

How do you re-purpose your career you maybe asking are feeling you stuck in one place?
Very often change of self is needed more than a change of scene~Arthur C.Benson
Here are  Five steps to re-purpose your career:
Step One: Assess where you have been?So far in your career what have you been able to accomplish?Has your attitude been drawing you back on your career path?Go down memory lane to draw these precious insights.Assess your personal S.W.O.T:Strengths,Opportunities,Weakness and Threats.
Step Two: What is your Big Picture.What path will you like to tread in re-purposing your career? Here list want your main purpose is for your career,list what  career goals you are passionate about.
  • Is it joining more networking groups both in your location and international?is it joining more networks online via Linkedin, twitter,Facebook etc
  • Is it learning a new skill or acquiring a new degree?
  • Is it writing a new book,publishing podcast
  • Is changing your location to where the jobs are at?

List all these paths in a mind map to enable you categorize your paths  better

Step Three:Set your goals make sure it is S.M.A.R.T-Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Realistic and Time bound.To set your goals  draw up a pictorial of where you will like to be in lets say the next 90 days,6 months,1 year,5 years 10 years as the case may be.Successful people think in pictures once you have foresight about where you will like to be.Cut out pictures displaying examples of such things you will like to see at each step,put it as flashcards where you can easily see them and guess what once its in your face you will like to achieve them

Step Four:Here you will need to review back to those S.M..A.R.T goals you set to work those goals,rinse and repeat till you achieve a re-purposed career

Step Five: Celebrate:Assess your goals at the end of its tenure,celebrate your wins and restrategize on your losses.Practice they say makes perfect.

To your success!!

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