Time Management Skills Training Course

Course Overview

Do you have the skill to manage time appropriately spread across the day? Or, do you always find yourself in a time crunch situation? Managing time is a very essential skill for professionals to be successful in any workplace in a world where time is money.

An overflow of a time crunch at the workplace also affects family life, personal, and social life. Those who can effectively employ time management skills are more successful as they can manage their workload rather than reacting to a time crisis one after the other.

Do you feel overwhelmed and burnout by the life demands of work pressure and life? In today’s work culture, intrusions, unnecessary meetings, constantly changing plans, appointments, rosters, and deadlines are inevitable. 

Anyone who wants to focus on the essential tasks will always have this challenge to categorize and manage time. Every minute of your day counts and how you would utilize it not only impacts your business but also your lifestyle.

Having a work-life balance is crucial in this competitive world. An efficient time management tool helps individuals to focus on the tasks delivering greater profitability to their organization and live a happy life.

Time Management skills is a learned skill and need to be cultivated through improved planning. This Training program offered by Ritetrac Consulting introduces you to methodical time planning systems and focuses on the techniques for efficient scheduling of work based on levels of priority.

Managing Time without understanding and setting-up your priorities is like shooting arrows in the air without know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve.

This program is also about handling ‘time-stealers’ which causes distractions and loss of focus, thus leading to time crunches.

By the end of the Time Management Skills Training Course, the participants of this program will be able to:

  • Prioritize, Plan and arrange daily activities in a productive way
  • Learn techniques to overcome procrastination
  • Organize your work station and workflow to make better use of time
  • Efficiently Delegate tasks
  • Coordinate business meetings more effectively
  • Identify the ‘time stealers’ and handle them appropriately
  • Learn the scheduling, planning and prioritizing skills
  • Assertively say a ‘NO’ positively
  • Learn how to develop SMART goals
  • Learn tips and ways to become better organized
  • Recognize the difference between urgent items and important items
  • Handling workload efficiently
  • Escape the trap of over-committing yourself
  • Utilize Technology Effectively to save time
  • Learn effective ways of handling Paperwork
  • Work effectively in a Team

Ritetrac Consulting has designed this training program on the Time Management Skills Training Course for individuals from all aspects and areas of life. This workshop will offer core practices for daily life.

A customized program can be prepared based on organizational requirements. This program will empower participants in group discussions, activities, and role-plays.

Beneficial models are given to assist with task management and to plan and control workloads on a timely basis. Participants will share experiences from work and in life from various cultures.

Ritetrac Consulting follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply System of training in this Time Management Skills Training Course to help you better assist you in bettering your life.

Organizational benefits of employees who participate in this Time Management Skills Training Course will be as follows:

  • Employees learn to better prioritize tasks and accomplish things systematically
  • Work is accomplished on time
  • Time effective systems and operational processes are put in place
  • There is a better delegation of tasks and teamwork among the employees
  • Employees tend to be more focused on objectives and goals set for them
  • They are better organized and can organize their work well
  • Employees understand the need to use technology to get things done faster
  • They are more stress-free and don’t feel the burnout

Following are the Personal Benefits of employees participating in the Time Management Skills Training Course:

  • Participants are well organized in their daily life
  • They learn to schedule tasks and accomplish them within timelines
  • Participants learn to have a work-life balance
  • People are more goal-oriented and are more purposed
  • They learn to be disciplined with their time
  • They are stress-free and can define the limit of their work
  • They develop the skill to negotiate and learn to set boundaries
  • Participants become good planners and organizers for daily events
  • They use maximum resources to reduce utilized time

All individuals who look at having better control of their life and would like to manage their time effectively should enroll in this program.

The time management workshop is for Professionals, managers, team leaders, and anyone who has challenges with balancing their time and priorities.

This training is beneficial to individuals who want to increase their productivity and widen their time-management skills through transformed thinking and utilization of available resources to make the best use of time.

Below are the important components that will be facilitated in the Time Management Skills Training Course:

Module 1

  • Foundational Principles of Time Management
  • A systematic approach to Priority Management
  • Time and the appropriate Use of Time
  • Stumbling blocks to time-management
  • Profiling your time
  • Steps of Time Management
  • Keys for managing time effectively

Module 2

  • Assessing your present time utilization realities
  • Identifying your biggest ‘time stealer’
  • Dealing with typical Time Wasters
  • Strategizing plans to resolve time wasters
  • Disciplines of Assertiveness towards time wasters
  • Managing and distributing your energy
  • Taking time to think and plan

Module 3

  • Setting up priorities
  • Task Prioritization
  • Techniques of Task Prioritization
  • Prioritizing workload and focusing the key tasks
  • Guides for planning and prioritizing
  • Prototypes of planning and prioritizing
  • Urgent tasks vs. Important tasks
  • Creating a personal system for prioritization

Module 4

  • Planning and defining your workload
  • Planning Tools to Evaluate and Examine Plans
  • Fostering daily and weekly plans
  • Implementing planning in your life
  • Use of technology in planning
  • Paper planners vs. electronic planners
  • Planning time for yourself and others
  • Balancing out your work and individual life

Module 5

  • Stress Management and Time Management
  • Optimal utilization of the time available
  • Preventing overloads and burnouts
  • Damaging effects of stress
  • Ways to say ‘NO’ assertively
  • The trap of over-commitment
  • Identifying inappropriate pressures
  • Developing win-win solutions
  • Importance of taking breaks

Module 6

  • Delegation: Introduction
  • Knowing What to Delegate
  • Delegating tasks
  • Art of effective delegation
  • The best person for the right task
  • Saving time and energy through delegation
  • Avoiding double and repetitive work
  • Pitfalls of Delegation

Module 7

  • Wheel of Life Technique
  • Stretch Goals Concept
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Pareto’s 80/20 Principle
  • The task Batching Concept
  • Concept of grouping similar tasks or items
  • Power of Focus and Concentration
  • Aligning your intention with purpose

Module 8

  • Managing and making use of Technology
  • Designing a personalized and digitalized system for tasks
  • Managing tasks, appointments, notes, and documents through technology
  • Scheduling: Using calendars, schedulers, and notifications
  • Using To-Do-Lists
  • Outlook: Tips to use its full potential
  • Setting up an effective filing system for paper and email floods

4 days

November 27th – 30th 2023

December 11th-14th 2023

February 26th – 29th 2024


N150,000  naira only

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