The Project Management Professional (PMP) certifying examination has become one of the most prominent and important certifications in the world today. It is no surprise of course; most organizations carry out their operations in leaps of projects.

It, therefore, becomes important as a management professional to stand out among your peers and one of the ways you can do this is to pass your exam — At first attempt, preferably. However, scaling the examinations is no mean fit and this is why RiteTrac Consulting has compiled a list of the most common questions asked on the PMP exam.

  1. Questions to examine your understanding of Performing Integrated Change Control: Many questions in your examination will present scenarios where you have to pay attention to making change requests first of all, before taking action.
  2. Questions to test your ethics and professionalism: A Project Manager must always be conscious of best practices, including avoiding actions that can be considered unethical or illegal.
  3. Questions testing Knowledge of Terms: You will be required to pick answers for a definition of a few terms that you’ve read. You don’t want to be defining Scope when you are asked for what Quality means. Take note of your terms.
  4. Questions to test your ability to interpret: You will be presented with a question that gives a statement and asks you to interpret what it means e.g CPI over 1 or SPI under 1 would be your project is under budget or behind schedule, respectively.
  5. Questions testing your understanding of ITTOs: You may be asked to pick an answer that represents the Output of a particular process or the input of another process. The tools and techniques are not left out either.
  6. Questions testing your calculative ability: It is key to practice and remember the use of your formulas. Calculating values for EMV, BAC, etc are sure to be asked of you in the examinations.
  7. Questions testing your understanding of Situations: Many questions in the PMP exams can be quite long; however it is important to read through each question carefully to identify what is required of you so you can make the right choice of answer. Pay attention to the details!
  8. Questions testing your understanding of the roles, responsibility, powers, and limits of the project manager: The PM has a degree of authority in a project but it is not absolute. In some cases, the PM makes recourse to the team, expert judgment or even the sponsor.
  9. Questions about staying within the Scope of the project: It is critical to ensure that you are not performing tasks outside the scope of your project no matter how important they may appear to be.
  10. Questions on relations with Functional managers: The Project Manager often draws members of the team from the functional managers. It is therefore important to be careful to manage engagement with the functional managers of your organization.

Ensure you prepare well for the examination by reading and studying with one of the top PMP training centers (like Ritetrac Consulting) and approach it with calm confidence, then your chances of success are quite high.

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