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Certified Human Resource Manager Training

The best Certified Human Resource Manager Training Program in Nigeria

Human resources managers are often promoted as being the most valuable asset an organization possesses. This is because HR managers coordinate relations between employees and an organization, ensuring the health, happiness, success, and satisfaction of all employees. The course begins by describing the role of a human resources manager and the responsibilities that the role requires.

The benefits of using an HR consultant, rather than an internal human resources manager, will also be discussed. Following this introduction, the course delves into the human resources responsibilities for recruiting and hiring prospective employees, including interview techniques and training methods.

The techniques for organizing businesses,hiring personnel and training individuals for a career will be discussed. Our Human resource courses are typically available through classroom and online programs

Finally, the course discusses methods for giving feedback to employees and, conversely, how to receive feedback .

Course Outline

Module 1

Human Resources Management

Management Responsibilities

Module 2

Human Resource Consultants

Using HR Consultants

Using approved HR Consultants

HR Consultant as a coach or mentor

Module 3

Job Design and pay

Job Design

Determining Staff Pay

Module 4

Recruitment Process

Person – Job Fit or Person-organization Fit

Job Analysis

Advertising the Job

Dealing with HR Administration

Module 5

Selection Process

Selection interview

Interview preparation

Module 6

Interview Techniques

Interviewer Skills

Types and stages of interviews

Gathering Information

Types of question

Concluding of interviews

Module 7

Training and Appraisal

Performance Assessment Methods

Training,recognition and reward

Benefits of training and training systems


Termination and Employment

Module 8

Business Culture

Business Culture

Cultural Dimensions and Symbols

Factors that shape the culture of business

Module 9

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Rights and duties at work

Module 10

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

Motivational theories and theorists

Module 11

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Conflict before Management and Employee

Application of Management styles

Module 12

Managing Change

Managing Change

Change in Technology

Changes in Legislation

Changes in the workplace


3 Days


January 21st,22nd and 23rd  2019


Ritetrac Consulting provided excellent training and I was able to quickly implement my takeaways for a more efficient Human resource management system.~Ifeoma Oyiih BON Hotels,Nigeria

The Human Resource Management Training helps all that play the HR Role to actually have the understanding of the concepts and tools to work with for effective management of human resources. It was really helpful for me and will advise all in personnel,administrative and operations to get the right concepts and methodology instead of managing people accidentally. ~ZaInab Bello Adolescent Health Information Project [AHIP]


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