Open Data Kit Course in Nigeria


In the past, data collection activities were performed with paper and pen, which made them prone to error, difficult to conduct on a large scale, and high in transaction costs.

Other challenges include paper forms getting wet or damaged, or receiving paper forms that were barely answered.
However, as smartphones and tablets penetration and telecommunication network availability increased, mobile data collection tools has also improved the conduct of surveys and assessments.
Mobile phone-based data collection using ODK has been acknowledged worldwide by researchers, non-governmental organizations, relief agencies and health ministries among other organization as very useful and convenient data collection method substituting paper-based data
collection method.

Open Data Kit (ODK) is one of the tools that is used frequently by information managers. ODK has gained a lot of users because it is free, open source, easy to use and can be used both offline
and online. Since ODK is a free and open source set of tools which help organizations author,field, and manage mobile data collection solutions, ODK in itself has evolved in several platform and formats such as Kobo Toolbox, GeoODK,, Formhub, Enketo, each one seeking to
customize the use of ODK according to their own needs.

Note: This course can be customized for any organization by using your own datasets during training/Choosing specific areas of focus/We can come in-house to your own location.

Target Participants
This training is aimed at individuals undertaking projects, surveys, programs or other related activities which involve the gathering of field data.

Public Sector

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists


Multi and Bilateral Development Organizations


Consultancies etc

2 days


Abuja|Lagos|Port Harcourt|Maiduguri |Yola

NOTE – Online Classes are available on demand

Class Dates

March 16th and 7th 2023

April 27th and 28th 2023

What you will learn
By the end of the training the participants will be able to:
● Create survey forms using XLSForms
● Set up ODK Collect on Android device
● Upload forms to an Aggregate server
● Load forms into Collect on an Android device
● Use ODK Collect to fill out forms with field participants
● Upload survey data from Collect to Aggregate server
● Export data from Aggregate server

Training Approach
The instructor led trainings are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercises, theory, case studies and group work.
Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.
Training manuals are provided to the participants.

Condition for Participation
Participants should come with a laptop and an Android enable


Fees: 79,900 Naira

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