Project Financing and Procurement Management Training

Project Financing and Procurement Management Training

As the emphasis on managing for results increase, the demand for rigorous and evidence-based procurement process is rising. Government, donor agencies, development partners etc and other stakeholders (citizens, State/National Assembly, borrowers etc) want to know whether a project has spent its money appropriately and desired outcomes have been achieved.

The pressure on Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government to operate even more efficiently has never been greater. Money is tight and will become even tighter over the next few years, which means effective procurement decisions. Central to this imperative is the need for organizations to have staff who have the appropriate procurement skills.

To respond to this need, Ritetrac has developed a practical public project financing and procurement skills training program dedicated to the needs of the MDAs. The program is underpinned by essential procurement principles and models that will equip staff and their organizations for current and future challenges.

The course is a face – to face interactive learning with eight units in four main modules of
(i) Introduction to Project Financing, Procurement and Public procurement (including Management Concepts and Techniques);

(ii) Public Procurement Operations

(iii) Public Procurement and Good Governance, and

(iv) Financial Skills

To work effectively in the finance and procurement arena, professionals need to have a suitable level of financial awareness. This topic provides basic skills in finance and related topics to enable staff to engage with the bidders and partners.
-Understanding financial statements and risk

-Financial planning

-Economic appraisals and project assessment.

  • Procurement Professionals for understanding and updating of their domain knowledge
  • Finance Managers
  • Operations and Administrative Managers

• Non-procurement professionals who participate in or manage procurement function
• Employees of public and private sectors bidding in Public Procurement
• Anyone interested in Public financing and Procurement.


150,000 Naira per participant

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