As a busy business owner I usually crave any free time I can get and hey I will be putting to good use this lockdown (So help me God)
A few of my main focuses

  1. Understand our audience more using quizzes and surveys/research new keywords and hashtags to target/gather reviews for our social proof/do our current competitor research
  2. Create demand for our services using Digital marketing concepts plus build our email list. Get business owners who need my coaching support access to my free 30minutes chat to diagnose what areas they need to focus on to improve here
  3. Review our Quarter 1
  4. Create a 90 days Vision Board for Quarter 2 and rekindle 2020 Business goals
  5. Create new content especially short videos and rekindle our Business Community S.P.R.O.U.T plus ensure our audience stays productive. Over to you what will you accomplish during this lockdown 🔐 Contributed by Ojiugo Ajunwa Co-Founder Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd.
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